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Dear customers,
We are very grateful for you to browse our website. If you need ultrasonic cleaning machines and related cleaning equipment, want to further know more about“Hekeda" cleaning machines, please call us. The hotline is 24H service for you.

Tel: +86-755-28175845 / +86 188-233-69179
Contact: Mr. Zhang

We will register your basic data and equipment requirements; then, we will assign business manager from Shenzhen or Suzhou to contact you according to equipment types, to provide you with one-to-one service. The service range of business managers includes: visiting your company; inviting your staff to investigate Hekeda; convening technician exchange conferences of both parties; providing the most professional and most constructive equipment technical specifications; providing accurate equipment quotations, carrying out business negotiations and other jobs. If our business managers are dilatory and low in efficiency, provide non-professional schemes, raise unreasonable requirements and so on when providing you with services, please call our market management department at +86-755-28175845 to reflect your conditions. We will strictly keep your calling content secret, and make rectification and reform or change business managers according to your reflected problems, to provide you with more satisfied services.

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