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Shenzhen Hekeda Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add: Hekeda Industrial Park, Huawang Road, Dalang Town, Longhua New District, Shenzhen
E-mail : sale@hekeda。cn



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Philosophy:technical innovation, quality first, customer supreme, integrity service 
Business philosophy:people-oriented, technical innovation; constant improvement, sustained development 
Quality philosophy:model good quality of people, establish steady basis of management, and ensure high quality of products 
Service tenet:customer supreme, integrity service. Deliver goods on time relying on “Service creates value”; “advanced prevention, quick response, timely treatment” for problems

Employment philosophy:enterprise development, people first。 Skills can be cultivated; we value whether the attitude and potential of the staff can be integrated into our culture。 Our company provides better development opportunities and conditions for competent employees who dare to take responsibilities and are bold to pay out。 

LOGO:the  LOGO is mixed with blue and red. Blue represents “lofty & profound, constant & deep”, as wells as leader philosophy and technical development values; red represents “vitality & vigor, self-confidence & passion”, as well as passion and high-spirited fighting will of the staff. The combination of both blue and red represents a flourishing enterprise and common development together with the staff.
20 anniversary of HEKEDA
Message from the Chairman
2019 New Year 's Day
The photoes of our player and leaders in this annivesary
2019 New Year's party


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