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Add: Hekeda Industrial Park, Huawang Road, Dalang Town, Longhua New District, Shenzhen
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Company Environment


Company Environment

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  Our company has established Shenzhen production base and Suzhou production base which have been put into production, as well as Dongguan production base under construction: Shenzhen production base covers an area of 14,000m2 including a 2,000m2 10,000-grade clean assembly workshop and a 200m2 100-grade clean laboratory; Suzhou production base covers an area of 32,300m2 including a 1,500m2 clean assembly workshop; Dongguan production base covers an area of 30,000m2 (totally more than 76,000m2)。

Shenzhen Headquarters

This place purchased and built by Hekeda company。 It contains office area, factory area and employee's departments。

Enter door of office

The second floor

The front desk

The front desk

The waiting area

VIP meeting room

Meeting room in the first floor

Meeting room in the second floor

Block 3 factory plant

Company canteen

Block 2 factory plant

Hekeda lab room

Suzhou Production and R&D Base

The front door of industrial area

Hekeda's buildings

The front desk

Office area

Working environment

Process environment


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