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After-sales service


After-sales service

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Dear Customer:

In order to better serve our customers, "HEKEDA" team try to provide the best quality service.

When you use the "HEKEDA" brand cleaning equipment failure, please do not worry, immediately contact with the following process after-sales service:

1、Immediately call your product manager, tell him the production number of your machine, equipment, questions, and then the product manager will send a maintenance message to after-sales service department.

2、If you can not contact with the product manager, according to the location of your purchase equipment, call Shenzhen "HEKEDA" ultrasound service phonedirectly:

  Shenzhen ultrasound after-sales service phone:

  +86 755-28175669

  Contact: Mr. Cao / Mr. Zhou

3、Please provide your company's name, production number, and description of the equipment on the telephone. At the same time to describe the text with the picture, as far as possible the detailed description of the problem machine points to the form of mail sent to "HEKEDA" customer service manager.

4、The feedback received by our after-sales service department, we will immediately check your company's equipment, technical documentation and warranty period, quickly deal with your issue by a appropriate method, arrange technical personnel quickly home maintenance and so on.

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